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Fingering Techniques – Flex Your Fingers

This is it, darling, time to get to the real hot touch. These first moves are designed for external stimulation only. Hold off penetrating for now and pay attention to all the special spots that you can see first.

Warming Up to It

When you first get yourself between her legs, your wife may not be very lubricated, perhaps not at all. These moves are perfect for getting started and turning her on while you work up to some of the more advanced moves we'll be getting to later. In fact, most of these moves are best done before she's wet, so get on in there while you have the chance and show off some new skills.

There may be times during her cycle when she lubricates very easily, making these moves impractical, but it is during other times, when she needs a longer warm up, that these are most appropriate anyway! Lucky you!

Don't Forget to Stretch!
Just like any other kind of warm up, the first step is a slow, gentle stretch to encourage blood flow and get her juices running. You want to warm her up from the outside in, so your starting point before she begins to lubricate is the labia majora, the puffy outer lips. This move might give your wife a bit of a shock if it's never been done before, but it will be a sexy one!

Grasp her lips, one in each hand, between your thumb and forefinger. When you have a firm but not-too-tight hold on the meatiest part of her labia, pull gently down and out toward her feet. Her reaction will give you clues as to how hard you can pull - some women will like this immensely and enjoy a good, hard tug. If she raves for the downward pull, go ahead and pull upward, to the sides, or in opposite directions!

This move is a great way to stimulate blood flow to the entire genital region, not to mention a pleasant surprise for a woman who is learning to experience all new kinds of sensual touch.

Tugs of Love
After a bit of gentle tugging on her outer lips, you can move on to her mons. Especially for women with a nice bush, this move will excite the skin and engorge the vulva.

Just as though you were running your hands through the hair on her head, rest your palm on her mound, fingers spread out through her curly hair. Slowly move your hand up in the direction of her face, closing your fingers together, and gently grasp the hairs between your knuckles as they comb through her pubes.

If her hair is shorter, there will usually be a small tuft just above the cleft of her labia, which you can gather up between your fingertips and tug gently. Don't pull to hard, just enough to stimulate the hair follicles and get her attention. If she seems to enjoy this move, you can adapt the stretching techniques above by using the pubic hair on the sides of her labia instead of the skin. This is especially helpful if she begins to lubricate and you have a hard time gripping her skin.

Pull Back the Curtain
This move is a great beginner if she is performing oral sex on you or you are preparing to do the same for her. The basic version of this involves her lying on her back with you over her, facing toward her feet. There are several great positions where this will work during intercourse as well, but we'll get to those a bit later.

For now, spread her legs just a little bit apart and place your index finger and middle finger each on one side of her labia. Now spread this V-shape outward, exposing her inner lips. With just a little bit of pressure, use your palm to pull her mound toward you.

You can also perform this move from a position between her legs, facing her. Use your thumb and forefinger to make a similar V, with your other fingers extending off to the side toward her hip, and pull gently toward her face.

This maneuver pulls the delicate inner lips and clitoral hood up and away from her most sensitive spot, making it clear for you to taste, touch or have her touch herself. Remember, the more aroused she is at this point, the more likely she is to enjoy direct stimulation of her clit.

Just the blast of cool air from revealing the little nub should give her an exquisite shock, so if she isn't quite lubed up yet, you can move on to a few more no-lube-required moves that you can keep doing even if she starts dripping!

Getting Warmer

These are some great all-purpose moves, because they work just as well when she's lubricated as when she is not. If she does not seem to be lubricating naturally, try these moves out first, and then add some lube mid-way through for a change in sensation.

Not all women lubricate naturally, so don't be afraid to add a bit of saliva to get things started, or to surprise her one day with a nice, slick, water-based lube that will take her to a whole new level of sensation. You'll be amazed at the difference slippery can make!

Cupping the Vulva
In the same position as last move we discussed, over top of her, facing her toes as she lies on her back, you have a great vantage point from which to stimulate her whole genital region with one simple move.

Using the heel of your palm as your guide, place it on her mons so that the upper palm (the inside of your lowest finger knuckles) is directly over her clit, and your fingers curl down over her lips. Just this light pressure should feel very good for her and the warmth from your hand may be enough to begin to arouse her.

You can take it one big step further from here with a light massaging motion. First, press with the heel of your hand, then the palm, then the fingers. This stimulates her mound, clitoris and labia in a continuous wave. Explore different pressures and speeds to gauge her reaction.


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